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Social project from the charitable and cultural Association “DAR”

Our project is for you if you

Have lost a dear person and think he/she might be in Europa

You live in Europa and someone might be looking for you

DarAlert is a unique project that is run my volunteers all around Europa

You love in Europa or have a group of friend from this countrys European Union and you are interested in helping people find each other



We report information about the person we found only if he agrees “to be found”



We don’t request payment for finding a person and we don’t pay for volunteering



All active searches are produced in accordance with our organization

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We thank our friends for their assistance to the project free of charge

Everyone can help in a good action

To support the project financially

Website it was created within the framework of the charity Association "DAR" as a project and platform to help in the search for Russian-speaking people who disappeared in Spain. You can support the work of the project (so voluntary and selfless) donation. This will give us the opportunity to accept and process more applications. This marketing company does not aim to make a profit, donations are not subject to VAT. All the money raised is received by the charity organization "Dar" for the implementation of programs and assistance to those in need.

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If you are currently allocated in Europe and want to help people find each other, please fill out volunteer form